Vehicle & Vessel Fires

Dr. Martin, principal of Martin Thermal Engineering, has served as consulting and/or testifying expert on approximately 350 cases. Below are several examples of projects and issues he has addressed in the area of vehicle and vessel fires.

  • Off-Road Equipment Fires. Hedger fires involving smoldering sawdust and hydraulic fluid.  Utility Tractor Rig (UTR) fires involving wiring anomalies and operator misuse.
  • Automobile Fires. Fires originating in engine and passenger compartment.  Incendiary fires.  Electrical fires and hot surface ignition fires.  Fires related to oil changes, battery replacement, and serpentine belt failure.
  • Garage/Carport Fires with Multiple Vehicles Damaged.  Garage fires that started external to any vehicle but nonetheless consumed or damaged more than ten nearby vehicles.
  • Cargo Ship Spontaneous Combustion.  Large cargo ships with certain types of bulk chemicals that undergo runaway chemical reaction and ignition when traveling through tropical waters for several days.
  • Improper Storage of Liquefied Petroleum Gas on Fishing Boat.  Accumulation of propane in hull of small fishing boat due to leaking fittings, and subsequent ignition thereof.
  • Ignition of Combustible Finishes in Commercial Fishing Vessel. Rapid fire spread along combustible materials in a large commercial fishing vessel.  Materials were intended to insulate cold storage areas, but were non-compliant with relevant codes for such vessels.