Dr. Martin, principal of Martin Thermal Engineering Inc., has served as consulting and/or testifying expert on approximately 350 cases. Below are several examples of projects and issues he has addressed in the area of explosion investigation.

  • RV Explosions. Motorhome and travel trailer explosions involving propane released from appliances improperly used or repaired.
  • OSB Plant Fire and Explosion. Wood particles accidentally ignited during a chipboard manufacturing process were drawn into a large ventilation duct where they initiated a fatal explosion and fire.
  • Drying Oven Explosion. A worker was fatally injured when a solvent drying oven exploded due to an over-cycled heat recovery system.
  • Coffee Roasting Oven Explosion. A worker was fatally injured when a conveyor belt failed and the coffee bean product overheated, caught fire, and initiated a dust explosion.
  • Brick Kiln Explosion. A multi-burner kiln suffered an explosion when flame safeguarding devices were disabled and failed burners were not automatically shut-off, allowing gas to accumulate and ignite.
  • Fluid Heater Explosion. A worker was killed when he failed to use proper operating procedures to light a natural-draft, hot-oil heater that met applicable industry standards, but failed to include additional safeguards that could have prevented the explosion.