Burn Injuries

Dr. Martin, principal of Martin Thermal Engineering, Inc. has served as consulting and/or testifying expert on approximately 350 cases. Below are several examples of projects and issues he has addressed in the area of scalds, skin burns and other injuries.

  • Hair Care Product Fires. Personal injury fires involving hair ignition by candles and barbecues, where hair care products allegedly increased hair flammability.
  • Hot Beverage Scalds. Hot-tea scald injuries at restaurants involving mishandling of containers.
  • Bath and Sauna Scalds. Scald injuries involving apartment building hot water systems and athletic club steam saunas.
  • Drift Boat Fire. A drift boat passenger was injured by a flash fire caused by a defective connector on an improperly installed propane tank.
  • Heated Massage Bed Injury. A defectively-controlled mechanical massage bed caused overheating of and burns to a client’s skin.
  • Butane Cook Stove Explosions. Overheating of cook stoves and failures of safety features caused fuel canisters to explode, causing multiple burn injuries.
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Improperly vented combustion appliances led to injury of hotel patrons.