Thermal and Chemical Accident Reconstruction

Martin Thermal Engineering, Inc. performs accident reconstruction of thermal and chemical incidents that lead to personal injury. Injury-causing accidents can involve surface burns, chemical burns, combustion of clothing or hair, scalds, or exposure to carbon monoxide or other chemicals. These injuries can occur at home and involve household appliances and consumer products, or in the workplace and involve chemicals or heat. Scald injuries can result from accidental contact with hot water or steam. Carbon monoxide emissions usually originate in combustion equipment that has been installed or maintained improperly. The accumulation of static electricity due to improper grounding and bonding can ignite flammable vapors or dusts and cause flash fires or explosions. Hazardous substances released into the workplace or the environment should be analyzed to quantify release rates (“source terms”) and durations. The classification of substances as combustible, flammable, or extremely flammable can be important in the determination of a product’s role in causation of injuries.