Cooking and Heating Appliances

Martin Thermal Engineering, Inc. investigates fires in kitchens that involve cooking appliances, as well as failures of residential and commercial heating equipment that cause water damage. Dr. Martin has performed inspections of fire damaged restaurants and residences, where the fire originated in the kitchen. Appliances such as ranges, ovens, griddles, deep fryers, and broilers may be in the area of origin, and failure of automatic fire extinguishment systems can play a role in overall fire spread and the extent of fire damage. Restaurant fires can be precipitated or amplified by improper installation, maintenance, inspection, operating, and safeguarding of commercial cooking equipment. Fire can spread rapidly through exhaust systems, including grease filters,flues, and exhaust fans and to adjoining structures when installation or maintenance is inadequate. In heaters, water damage can occur when heat exchanger tubes are allowed to freeze and crack, causing leakage after thawing occurs.