Industrial Heating Equipment

Martin Thermal Engineering, Inc. investigates all types of failures involving industrial heating equipment. Dr. Martin has experience in the design, procurement, assembly, commissioning, testing, operation, and/or maintenance of all types of heating systems, including furnaces, ovens, dryers, thermal oxidizers, kilns, fluid heaters, and boilers. He has provided engineering consultation to corporations in the baking, cement, chemical, food processing, metallurgical, oil/gas production, paper, pharmaceutical, and printing industries. Dr. Martin is a long-time volunteer on the NFPA 86 Ovens and Furnaces and NFPA 87 Fluid Heaters technical committees. He teaches undergraduate engineering courses on heat transfer and thermal systems design. Heating equipment accidents can be precipitated by refractory failures, insufficient heat exchanger tube flow, faulty or overridden safeguards, inadvertent attempts to process excess quantities of combustibles, compromised valves and regulators, and many others.